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Walter Sonen- President

Walter first became a member of SOS in 1991 and has been on the board since 1995. He served as Vice President before being elected as President in April of 2016. He is the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council representative for Seldovia as well. 

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MArk Janes- Vice President

Mark has been with SOS since  2002 and has served as our President in a previous term. Mark has done extensive field survey and design work in the development of the State of Alaska’s Geographic Response Strategies and the Potential Places of Refuge Projects.  He is so taken with the Alaskan coastline, that he recently purchased and is refurbishing a 1964 Cal30 sailboat. Now if he only knew how to sail...

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Joshua Patrick- Treasurer

SOS Member since-

As well as being SOS's treasurer, Josh is Seldovia Fuel and Lube's plant manager. On his time off he enjoys time with his family and his two American Boxers. 


Madalyn Grahn- Secretary

SOS Member since- November, 2016

Madalyn is SOS's only full time employee. While not working with them she works with Seldovia Village Tribes and during the summer months is head guide for Kbay Kayaking LLC.


Chris Lillo 

Chris works as the Director of Buildings and Grounds at the Cook Inlet Housing Authority here in Seldovia, AK. When not on the job, he is an avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast. He has equipted his own hydroponics system to grow fresh greens year round.




Stephen Payton 

SOS Member Since- September 2016

When not engaging with SOS, Stephen works with Seldovia Village Tribe as a Fisheries Technician. He enjoys ice fishing as well as Salmon fishing in Kachemak and Seldovia Bay.


Bretwood Higman 

SOS Member Since- 2013

Hig (Bretwood Higman) has a PhD in geology, serves as executive director of 501c3 nonprofit Ground Truth Trekking, and works for Nuka Research and Planning, an environmental consulting firm specializing in oil spill risk mitigation.


Tim Robertson 

SOS Member Since- 1990

Tim Robertson acted as SOS President up until...... He is also the General Manager for Nuka Research and Planning Group LLC.