Since 1990, we have led the effort to protect nearly 400 miles of Alaska's Coastlines. We are here to educate, prevent and prepare for oil spill disaster. 


Our Mission

We are here to serve as a community-based response team dedicated to protecting the  environment  through oil spill education, prevention, preparedness, and response. The vision of the SOS Team is to establish effective and efficient network of community based response teams that exist along the Alaska Coast to protect the sensitive resources of the coastline and to aid each other the State, USCG, and other local regional and industry oil spill cooperatives in times of need. 


What We've Achieved               GOALS

  • Maintained Equipment for Community Based Response
  • Yearly Community Trainings in HAZWOPER
  • Yearly Geographic Response Strategies
  • Education and outreach for local schools and vessel owners and operators
  • Job and Volunteer Opportunities for Seldovia Residents 
  • Continue to train and maintain and effective oil spill response team in Seldovia
  • Train and maintain an Incident Management Team
  • Continue to develop Board of Directors
  • Achieve and Maintain positive public image.
To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.
— John Muir